Programme King’s Cup

The King’s Cup is a prestigious trophy  whereby 4 international teams will compete against each other. The teams play 3×3 and will have a handicap 4-6. The official Polo regulations will be applicable with referees and a native English speaker.

Friday 21st of August  Polo Gala

Fundraising Polo Gala for SOS Kinderdorpen – by invitation only

Saturday 25th of August:

12:30 hr Welcome & Openings Ceremony
13:30 hr Match 1
15:00 hr Break
16:00 hr Match 2
17:30 hr Best Pony Award & Hat of the Day Award
19:00 hr End of Program

Hat of the Day Award

At the end of the day on Saturday and Sunday an expert panel will assess the most beautiful hats and will award the Hat of the Day Award. The judges will be undercover and mingle with the audience and besides the hat will also appreciate elegance and style.

Sunday 26th of August:

12:30 hr Welcome & Openings Ceremony
14:00 hr Match- Semi Finals
15:00 hr Break
16:00 hr Match – Finals
17:30 hr Hat of the Day Award
17:45 hr Presentation ‘King’s Cup 2020’
19:00 hr End of Program

Best Pony Award

Polo is a majestic play between player and horse. It’s one of the fastest sports in the world whereby endurance, agility and anticipation are crucial. Even the world’s best players admit that the difference is made by the Pony’s. That’s why a professional judging panel will select out of a pool of 70 Pony’s the best Pony for the Best Pony award.

Dress Code

The Dress Code Summer Chic is a dress code wherein summer clothes are provided with a touch of glamour. This dress code is very much suitable for activities in the summer months. Light fabrics like linen and cotton are typically for a summer look. These fabrics are very suitable for hot summer months due to their air ventilating features. Regarding colour there are endless possibilities, though summer clothes are typically associated with light( pastel) colours. Also accessoires with a summer touch, like glasses, hat or linen scarfs would fit with Summer Chic.

For the Ladies (hat recommended)

Women can wear with the dress code Summer Chic their nicest summer dresses or summer suit. With this dress code women truly may go many directions. Also for bijou and accessoires women can use their imagination and certainly should not forget their hats. A Summer Chic outfit may even have a bit of Bohemian touch. Herewith swinging maxi skirts and Boho dresses, Aztecs prints, frills, ruffles and feathers may be considered. Ladies who are a bit more modest in their styling can also decide for long skirts with a jacket in nice flower print or summer colours.

For Gentlemen

For the Dress Code Summer Chic there is not a standard outfit applicable for men. Costumes or a combination with or without a tie is all appropriate.