Royal Polo at the Palace is an initiative of a few businessmen with the same ambition. They developed the concept of Royal Polo at the Palace to profile the Polo sport and to contribute to charity. Each year the charity will be newly selected.

Royal Polo is legally covered by a foundation ‘Royal Polo at the Palace’.

Management Royal Polo at the Palace

Chairman – Albert Hakkers

tel: 06-123 123 12

Co-Chairman- Gert-Jan Haandrikman

Deployment Director – Jan-Peter Nijmeijers

Marketing & Communications Director – Nicole Plas

Polo Sports Director – Robert Watson  Polo Club Vreeland

Styling & Concept Design – Didy Schutte  Di-Design

Committee of recommendation

Michel van Maarseveen – Director Paleis Het Loo

Fred de Graaf – Former Mayor of Apeldoorn and former Chairman Dutch Upper House

Frederike Everts – Former Deputy Executive Board President Police Academy

Polo Club Vreeland

Polo Club Vreeland

Royal Polo has engaged in a partnership with Polo Club Vreeland for all Polo matters. All Polo aspects, like Polo Teams, Polo regulations and safety will be under supervision of Polo Club Vreeland